Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Just Got Back From The City

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This is a bootleg repackaging of the first disc (the earliest material) from the now long out of print Grow Fins box set, so it's utterly worthless if you own that and really good and worthwhile and utterly revelatory if you don't!
1 Obeah Man (1965 Demo)
2 Just Got Back from the City (1966 Demo)
3 I'm Glad (1966 Demo)
4 Triple Combination (1966 Demo)
5 Here I Am Always I Am (Early 1966 Demo)
6 Here I Am Always I Am (Late 1966 Demo)
7 Somebody in My House (1966 Live)
8 Tupelo (1966 Live)
9 Evil Is Going on (1966 Live)
10 Old Folk's Boogie (1967 Live)
11 Call on Me (1965 Acetate Demo)
12 Sure Nuff N Yes I Do (1967 Acetate Demo)
13 Yellow Brick Road (1967 Acetate Demo)
14 Plastic Factory (1967 Acetate Demo)
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