Cheer-Accident - Fades (label released CDR)

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This is #19 from Cheer-Accident and, like everything from the last decade from them, is another knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark winner!
Interestingly, even though it was recorded fairly recently and there is currently a fantastic quartet version of the band, only Thymme and Jeff of the current band are on here - with a lot of guests - and the entire album was written by Jeff! Why? Because they are CHEER-ACCIDENT and they don't answer to you, me or anyone else.
Hugely personally recommended!

"On Fades, Chicago's premier Avant-Progressive-Post-Math-Rock act Cheer-Accident's core line-up is emboldened by a parade of musical guests - a 21st Century Wrecking Crew of the underground. Counted among the ranks of Fades best-in-class musicians are Carla Kihlstedt (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables, Bonnie Prince Billy), Julie Pomerleau (Bobby Conn), Nils Frykdahl (Free Salamander Exhibit), Sacha Mullin (Lovely Little Girls), Bethany Schmitt (The Buttress) and engineer Todd Rittmann (Dead Rider, U.S. Maple) whose nuanced production serves as the great unifier of Cheer-Accident's most expansive, ambitious album to date."
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