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This is the third release by this group from Lyon, France, part of the very vibrant and exciting French scene that is currently churning out amazing bands and records.
Chromb! are a little less noisy than some of the other bands in this scene (Ni, Poil) and a little more melodically oriented/song oriented, while definitely not being wimpy in any way.
Great melodies, great playing from all four musicians and surprisingly good vocals from a band with a slant towards the zaniness that only the French seem to do, both historically (Etron Fou) and to this day (Poil). Hugely recommended.

Léo Dumont : ­ batterie, percussions, petits objets, voix
Camille Durieux :­ claviers, piano, synthétiseurs, voix
Lucas Hercberg ­ : basse, synthétiseurs, voix
Antoine Mermet ­ : saxophone alto, voix, delay, synthétiseurs

“CHROMB! is a quartet with strings, reeds, 88 keys and drums in, wired on 220volts,making rock with no guitar, distorted jazz or chamber music for sick kids and emotive adults.
CHROMB!’s music is heartfelt more than brain-made, has no prohibition and is the prisoner of no specific style, even if owing a lot to John Zorn, The Residents and Soft Machine [editor’s note: I hear NO Zorn and very little Residents]. It’s fully assuming same love for catchy pop and fat noise, stealing jazz its freedom, rock its energy, and all kind of deviant musics their insanity, in order to build a fat mutant sound, with melodies, screams, silence and weirdness inside.”
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