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Nice to have this classic spacey/ambient album generally available again. This was the first collaboration, recorded when Eno's star was at its zenith, between him and the great German electronic duo. I remember my first record store job, around 1978, when this nice housewife-type lady came in. She was looking for something 'pretty' to do chores to and said she didn't mind if there wasn't singing on it. I said to her, "I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but *I* think it's pretty" and played this for her. She loved it and bought it immediately and actually came into the store at least once more, to tell me what a great record it was to do the dishes to! Buy it and change your dish-washing experience too!

"Brian Eno's first collaboration with Cluster, the best of this album's instrumental pieces are too emotionally rich to waste as mere background music, evoking feelings of hesitancy and regret that rescue the music from mere vapid prettiness."-All Music Guide

"Overall, the music on Cluster and Eno seems to reflect perceptions of -- and connections with -- nature: water and sky; landscape and countryside. Most importantly, this somewhat unassuming record offers a warm look back into a brave new era, when analog sythesizers and human pop musicians got together to explore the manifold and fecund possibilities of their interactions."-Dusted
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