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Copernicus - Victim of the Sky

SKU MoonJune NCD 2086
"Available for the first time in CD format. Victim Of The Sky offers a more introspective side of the artist who refuses to accept conformity on any level. New facets of the Copernicus persona are revealed, and a more soulful, organic side emerges -- unexpected, typically unpredictable, but always compelling. Pierce Turner and the band are found in exceptionally fine form, gracing the proceedings with superb feel, texture and dynamics. Often throughout the album they seem to communicate corporately on quasi-telepathic plains, gracefully emoting as one during moments of pure group improvisation. Representing more classic output from the infamous RCA Studios Manhattan sessions from the mid-80's , Victim Of The Sky showcases Copernicus and the band at the peak of their game. Potent and vital, this is a fine album -- and essential for all Copernicus and free jazz fans."
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