Creshevsky, Noah - The Four Seasons CD

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"Noah Creshevsky composes some of the most meticulously constructed electronic music around. For his third Tzadik CD he has created a sonic history of his life work, inspired by the idea of a retrospective. "The Four Seasons" presents a new large- scale composition that reflects his work from 1992 on to his present work with Hyperrealism, creating virtual “super-performers” using the sounds of voices and traditional instruments pushed beyond human capacities. Another brilliant and varied program charting the history of one of the world’s most important composers of electronic music!"
Amy Denio: Voice
Chris Mann: Voice
Tomomi Adachi: Voice
Teodross Avery: Tenor Sax
Adrian Banner: Piano
Orin Buck: Bass
Monique Buzzarté: Trombone
Jeremiah Cawley: Voice
Sherman Friedland: Clarinet
Beth Griffith: Voice
Rich Gross: Banjo
Kathy Hanson: Voice
Gary Heidt: Guitars, Voice
Ben Holmes: Trumpet
Rodney Jones: Guitar
Mari Kimura: Violin
Alex Kontorovich: Clarinet, Alto Sax
Maria Mannisto: Voice
Ray Marchica: Drums
Al Margolis: Clarinet
Gregg Mervine: Drums
Marco Oppedisano: Guitar
Lonnie Plaxico: Bass
Heather Chriscaden Versace: Bass
Susan Watts: Trumpet, Voice
Audrey Betsy Welber: Tenor And Alto Saxes
Amy Zakar: Violin
  • LabelTzadik
  • UPC702397809722
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