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Cutler, Chris and Thomas Dimuzio - Dust

"The two teamed up in 99 for a series of concerts and an album, Quake, where they laid down the fundamentals of their partnership; subterranean groans, vast drones and tectonic clashes. Dust follows in wake of this seismic activity. Cutlers amalgam of electrified drums and lo fi gadgets produce just about every sound imaginable, while Dimuzios sampler captures and replays sounds and textures, simultaneously adding its own interjections. Once again its hard to tell whos doing what, as the sound melds into massive interweaving structures. There are just two tracks. The first, Requiem, is an extraordinary intense concert, recorded in New Mexico in 2000. The second, Universal Decoding Machine, was recorded in the studio in France, with sound engineer Maggie Thomas wandering around the house and garden wearing binaural microphones; we hear what she hears, including at one point a horse eating a carrot. It was then mixed and re-processed by Dimuzio in San Francisco, in 2002. [ReR]
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