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DEK - 1981-87 Vol. 1 vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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“Only a privileged few and friends will have the first to hear these strange nuggets and taste this expansive sound foam. A few decades later, with the generosity and insistence of two passionate of bizarre music, founders of the label Jelodanti Records, part of the remains of the feast is offered to you on a black vinyl platter... To be consumed at full volume, despite the long-exceeded expiration date! What shared pleasure! Vinyl edition limited to 200 copies in variable covers, hand stamped.”

“At the very beginning, I didn't understand anything. Then I continued not to understand anything about it. And today, I still don't understand much but in the meantime, a strange thing happened. I don't know how or why these proto-pieces and ersatz tape-sticked to my neurons. Well, I'm not going to pretend, I absolutely didn't know DEK ( André Dekeyser , Patrick Dekeyser and Vincent Epplay ), a trio active in the 80s somewhere in Provence having released a few self-produced cassettes and partly collected in this gargantuan 1981 -87 Vol.1 of which I await the 2 (if it should ever exist) with impatience now.
We're never far from Residents or even Negativland in spirit and that's probably why I looked for a concept in vain. But once rid of all that damned pragmatism, listening cleared the way. They then jumped out at me, Kein Grunde Bôse Zu Sein , Ici Tout Va Bien , Old Anatomy Lesson and their various Interludes . Impossible to detail everything, there are too many finds and tests, things without head or tail yet well stocked that end up touching infinitely. Even something as weird as Jazzy Doggy (which corresponds exactly to its title) reveals a real attraction (at first sight unsuspected). AndDem Schlimen Wolf who immediately follows him? It's just too short. And it's often like that. All the time.
We detail the collages, the interrupted movements and the uninterrupted movement, very quiet, the minimalism which becomes maximalist by letting the brain fill in the blanks, free to participate in the patching together of the scattered fragments which ultimately draw a great whole. It's completely punk in approach, very ironic in seriousness and serious in humor, drastically experimental too and being strictly stuck in the 80s (no wave, hip-hop and breakbeat, free-jazz flood the music of DEK ), it sounds completely timeless.
So of course it's rough and primitive, very sketchy in sound but the activists at Jelondanti Records seem to have reworked it and it doesn't sound like a dusty cassette at all. It is also accompanied, as usual with the label, by a design to die for: four different covers made by hand and with love for a nice gray marbled vinyl and as usual again, for a new release both obscure and essential (and more than ever, hats off to Jelondanti).
In any case, I will now know what to do when, in the evening, I feel so bad that I cannot sleep. It's likely that "I'm smoking my last Pall Mall / Facing my memories" while listening to DEK's deconstructions.”
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