Davies, Rhodri - Transversal Time

Rhodri Davies - pedal harp, electric harp
Ryoko Akama - electronics
Sarah Hughes – zither
Sofia Jernberg – vocals
Pia Palme - contrabass recorder
Adam Parkinson – programming
Lucy Railton – cello
Pat Thomas - piano, electronics
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval – bassoon

Live performance recorded on the April 13th, 2018 at Chapter, Cardiff, Wales.

"Transversal Time was composed by Rhodri Davies in 2017. For its starting point it assigns different time systems -- Standard Time, Decimal Time, and Hex Time -- to individual musicians. As a composition it encompasses many of those sensations and perceptions of time that are embodied by music. Improvising musicians develop acute sensitivities to body clock, breath, pulses and the silent transformations of time-between-time. So, a musician's heightened, fluid time becomes enfolded in this narrative situated within the house of clocks, all of them 'telling' different times. Also buried under the surface of the piece is François Jullien's book, In Praise of Blandness (1991), an exploration of the ancient Chinese value system based on simplicity, extreme subtlety, and the paradox of sounds that deepen in the mind of the listener if they are not fully sounded, better still left silent so that they retain something secret and virtual within. 'In short,' writes Jullien, 'they remain heavy with promise.'"-David Toop
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