De Tian - Transcriptome

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Paul Shaft - guitar, bass, synths, ethnic percussion, voice
Paul Hague - percussion, electronics
Martin Archer - saxophones, melodica, recorders, wood flute, electronics

“...who else in Britain never mind in Sheffield, is prepared to go on stage with nigh on a hundred instruments, very few of which are electric, and try to break through the insulation surrounding most rock gig goers minds…..”-Pink Flag fanzine 1979.

“The origins of de tian go back to 1978 when, as a result of a combination of disillusion with the new wave music scene and the emergence of synthi pop, Paul Shaft left Sheffield new wave pioneers, 2.3 to form a band of people interested in breaking rules. Members came and went, but the core of de tian consisted of Shaft and ex-2.3 roadie and percussionist Paul Hague. de tian live employed a huge range of different “instruments’ ranging from the conventional (guitars, horns, percussion), to more unusual ethic and self-constructed ways of making sound, together with self-recorded voice backing tapes. The result was music that defied categorisation but owed more to Stockhausen and Partch than any kind of conventional “pop”. Live shows also included films, slides and even a magician. A 4 track EP “Two Spires Split” was released on Oblique Sounds and a track appeared on the compilation, Bouquet of Steel.
With Paul Hague leaving to join Imaginary Friends, Shaft met Martin Archer, then playing with the emerging Sheffield Free Music Group and de tian Mk 2 was born. With other Free Music Group members occasionally dropping in, de tian eventually morphed into jazz-punk pell mellers Bass Tone Trap, and the rest is history.”
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