Dead Cat Bounce - Chance Episodes

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"The sextet's name and songs titles like 'Food Blogger' betray a sense of humor. But the music's sense of postmodern storytelling proves that the band's wit is inspired by greater artistic depth." – JazzTimes

"Dead Cat Bounce does it all with exquisite writing, the subtle use of a bass-drum rhythm section and above all a definite sense of communication between the members that I am sure will be apparent to even the casual listener. These musicians are not just playing the music on the page, but listening and communing together." – Dave Liebman

"Think of Mingus's swirling counterpoint and rhythm shifts with the similarly rich voicings and solo/ensemble balance of the World Saxophone Quartet. What more could you ask for?" – The Boston Phoenix

"...these cats are tight and not afraid to spew out some powerful and inventive solos and intricate ensemble playing. Each of the four saxes gets a chance to stretch out on different tunes, but it is often Matt's strong writing and arrangements that stand out." – Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

With a group name presciently stripped from today's headlines, the term 'dead cat bounce' denotes a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock ("Even a dead cat will bounce if dropped from a great height"). To the six musicians in Dead Cat Bounce, it signifies one’s dedication to creative rebirth and renewal in jazz even as times, traditions and masters move on. The group has been together for 15 years and Chance Episodes is their fourth album. Dead Cat Bounce consists of Matt Steckler-saxes, flute, Jared Sims-saxes, clarinet, Terry Goss-saxes, Charlie Kohlhase-saxes, Dave Ambrosio-bass, Bill Carbone-drums and is led by Matt who also composes all of the group's material.

The compositions are very strong, with engrossing ensemble parts and great multi-horn writing that gives all the reedmen a chance to shine, each in their individual way. DCB are modern but not radical; they are as familiar with Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington as they are with the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Steve Coleman; while there are plenty of passages influenced by free music, overall, this is a swingin' group that mixes styles from the entire continuum of jazz. In that sense, they bear a bit of resemblance - if only for their wide range of influence - to another Cuneiform ensemble, The Microscopic Septet. A quick listen to their the sample track will quickly make apparent their appeal and let you know why they were signed by us!

You can hear a track from their album here

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from the track i listened to, that was provided by wayside, i was really impressed. it has a good swing, and if i had to compare the sound to something, i think i would call it a big-band version of morphene. kind of rough around the edges, but in a good way.
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