Dimensions - From All Dimensions CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Really solid local garage rock. What makes it slightly unusual and above-average is the lack of slow material. Too bad Collectables, in typical Collectables fashion, butchered the cover picture.”

“Celebrated Chicago frat-garage LP that's also one of the real rarities of the local mid-1960s LP scene. For those who find the North-East preprock LPs too lowkey this is the remedy - a solid party mood similar to the Raider's best albums with some Stones thrown in. The tape splice in "Mary Lou" derives from the original LP, apparently. A solid dose of mid-60s fun, all covers naturally.” Or, as someone nearer to the band said: “This Chicago 60's group is what Garage Bands are all about. From the high energy Them hit, ‘Gloria’ to the sexy, melodic ‘Mary-Lou,’ this group plays them rockin’ good. I especially liked their cover of the Roger Higginbotham's ‘Hi-Healed Sneakers.’ The Dimensions were not just another garage band. There was something special in the way they played together. They played gigs during the mid 60's in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago at places like The Hut, Green Onion, and the Deep End. Listing to this album takes me back to hot, summer Friday nights, stuffed onto the dance floor with hundreds of hot sweaty teenagers, having a great time listening to great music, dancing and just having fun.”-Acid Archives.

“Typical garish Collectables label packaging, including the omnipresent small drill-hole—but long out of print.”
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