District Five - Decoy

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Xaver Rüegg: Double Bass
Tapiwa Svosve: Alto Saxophone, Synths / Electronics
Vojko Huter: Guitar, Synths / Electronics
Paul Amereller: Drums

"All in their twenties, the four young men are currently a top tip on the Swiss jazz scene. District Five have taken time over their debut album, the antithesis of short-term project culture. Now, with Decoy, they do justice to the album’s title, throwing us a seductive bait.
The aim behind the album is to transcend conventional jazz and offer a statement; it was to sound different from the experience of District Five live, using the possibilities of studio recording to mine the wealth of electronic-based sounds the quartet hear around them.
Whether flowing calmly along or sweeping weightlessly through the expanses of ambient soundscapes, whether the concentrated energy of free improvisation shatters the song structure or eruptive clusters of sound and hard-edged grooves emphasise the physical aspects of the music, in the club-friendly anthem ‘Maths’, the multi-layered sound art of District Five is compellingly direct and builds up a hypnotic momentum."
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