Dixie Dregs - Night of The Living Dregs CD

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The Dixie Dregs burst out of Florida in the mid 70's as a quintet of keyboards, guitar, violin, bass and drums, heavily influenced by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, but bringing their own Southern-flavored soul to the stew. No one ever tried to combine Maha-intensity with bluegrass pickin' before and anyone who has tried it since is simply following their model. Third and final by the Dixie Dregs, as they changed their name to just the Dregs. Like What If, this is one of my favorites. It's another Ken Scott production and features half live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1978 and half studio recordings.

"In the 1970s, when fiery-fingered exercises in jazz-rock fusion were all the rage in both the United States and the U.K., the Dixie Dregs brought a Southern slant to the style, injecting a touch of twang into the proceedings. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DREGS (1979) catches the band at a key transitional point. While essentially a studio album, some tracks are from a 1978 concert featuring new keyboard player T. Lavitz, whose synthesizer work would become an important part of the band's sound. Throughout the album, Steve Morse's fiery guitar, Allen Sloan's Jean-Luc-Ponty-on-Wild-Turkey violin, and Andy West's frenetic, popping bass all play demolition derby amid metrically and harmonically sophisticated compositions that still offer plenty of visceral satisfaction."-All Music Guide
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