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Drake, Hamid / Sylvain Kassap - Heads Or Tails 2 x CDs

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Hamid Drake: drums, frame drum
Sylvain Kassap: eb, bb, bass and contrabass clarinets, chalumeau

"When I put these CDs on I knew immediately that from the first time I had heard them together until the time of these recordings their art, their voices, their intense empathy/telepathy for one another had grown to an almost unparalleled level: two instruments in complete harmony and synchronicity."Steve Dalachinsky, excerpt of the liner notes

CD-1 recorded live on February 5th 2007 by Bernard Legac and Yann Fressy for Radio France – France Musique at Studio Théatre d’Alfortville (France); the concert was part of Sons d’Hiver Festival
CD-2 recorded on February 22nd and 23rd 2013 by Jean-Marc Bouchez at Studio de la Beaune, Montreuil, France
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