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A brief recap for those just tuning in:
Echolyn were one of the very first of the new progressive rock bands to emerge in the USA the very late 1980s, releasing their 1st album in 1990. Since then, with a small amount of time off for a ultimately unsuccessful foray into the major label leagues, and happily with the same personnel, they have slowly and steadily released a number of fine works and have changed in sound a bit, but what has always struck me as the 'genuineness' of the band and their music has always remained there; they are a band that seems to really connect to a lot of people in a very strong and sincere 'gut' level.

As always for Echolyn, this album features solid singing and great instrumental backing and bits from keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. I feel certain that this is going to be one of the progressive rock highlights of 2015.

"26 years later, and still just getting started...
echolyn's musical style, progressive in the truest sense of the word, defies any one musical categorization and yet all their albums have achieved critical acclaim from around the globe as they continue to release new music.
echolyn will release a brand new and powerful musical statement titled "i heard you listening" "9 new stories of life" delivered with a musical and lyrical sensibility that is still echolyn. Music written to be both heard and felt, echolyn has hit a new stride for their musical future with an album that is, for them, another giant step forward. echolyn hopes to hear you listening..."
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