Emanation - One Soul, One Body, One Spirit CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Emanation's One Soul, One Body, One Spirit is an obscure Spanish Black Drone project with a mixture of experimental black ambience and drone industrial dirges that is heavily inspired by the field of spiritism and séances along with other, more esoteric leanings, crafting a ghostly soundscape that gradually evolves into a kind of blackened hypnotic noise metal.
Even from the start, this puts off an unmetallic vibe. The title track creeps out across the first few minutes in a hazy cloud of murky dissonance and strange gasping vocals, gusts of white noise swirling around soft distant swells of metallic thrum and muffled tones, a soft din of far-off mechanical rumblings, random knockings and television news transmissions met with the eerie cry of an infant. These noises mix together with what seems like random environmental sounds, the grimy corroded ambience ruptured with odd buzzing and bursts of malfunctioning cable noise.
But then around ten minutes in, the recording suddenly swells into a noisy, chaotic din of thudding drums and swarming guitars and keyboards, everything fused together into an incomprehensible blur of sound, those drums pounding out a basic heavy backbeat far, far down in the mix, everything wrapped in a thick blanket of static and distortion.”
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