Emler, Andy / MegaOctet - No Rush! CD

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ANDY EMLER compositions, piano, direction
PHILIPPE SELLAM saxophone alto
GUILLAUME ORTI saxophone alto
LAURENT DEHORS saxophone tenor, clarinette basse
FRANÇOIS VERLY percussion, marimba, tablas
NGUYÊN LÊ guitare

“No Rush is the ninth studio recording of the MegaOctet, this small big band of nine musicians in the form of an exceptional laboratory of human alchemy and sound.
No Rush… Let’s take our time, listen, compose. For Andy Emler, this moment of intense loneliness was the occasion to listen to 20th century music (Arnold Schönberg, Witold Lutoslawsky, György Ligeti, Maurice Ohana, Philippe Manoury, Tristan Murail, Bernard Cavanna, etc.), then an intense writing phase.
In this suite composed especially for the nine virtuoso musicians of the orchestra (return of guitarist Nguyên Lê who participated in the first version of MegaOctet in 1989), we find, extended, the paste, the Emlerian sound signature. His orchestral combinatorics (the orchestra, the collective play put forward, no piano solo), his melodies and other miscegenation, the Ravélienne color associated with the Stravinskien rhythmic fire, his subtle dialectic composition/improvisation and his original timbre alloys.
Once again, Andy Emler is here pianist, composer, arranger, director/sound, but also and above all natural conductor, that is to say catalyst of energies, of enthusiasm; this is understood.
No Rush. Music takes its time. It is architected as much as it is eventful; the orchestral mass and solipsism, nomenclature and adventure, authority and sensation, fervor and humour, lyricism and murmuring, clearing and squealing, embracing and enchantment, the brilliance and the evidence.”-Franck Médioni
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