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Ensemble Kafka - Ensemble Kafka CD (expanded)

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“Tuxedomoon is an experimental, post-punk, new wave band from San Francisco, California. All members of the band had solo careers next to the output of Tuxedomoon, with Steven Brown releasing a new album in 2021, and touring Europe in 2022. After composing and recording the sountrack for the film "El Informe Toledo" Steven was asked by the director Albino Alvarez to perform the music live at the film's premiere in the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City. Having employed session musicians for the recording, Brown found it necessary to form a band in order to accomplish the task. Although the original idea was to only participate in the premier of the film, the audience response was so overwhelming that Brown and partner Julio Garcia decided to continue the project and Ensamble Kafka was born. This group combines contemporary music techniques with traditional Mexican music thereby humbly attempting to create new traditional music. The self titled album was released in Mexico only in 2013 and has now been extended to 14 tracks for this first worldwide release.”
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