Estamos Trio - People's Historia

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“Estamos Trio, on the album - appropriately titled - People's History, offers an avant-garde and multicultural reflection with an epicenter in the history of the border that separates Mexico from the United States....led by the North American pianist and composer Thollem McDonas they create music that tries to encourage communication and collaboration between musicians and artists born on both sides of the Mexican-American border to, in this way, develop a better understanding and appreciation among the citizens of each of these countries.
On this occasion, two outstanding figures of the Mexican musical advance are integrated into the aesthetic argument designed by McDonas: the multimedia and interdisciplinary vocalist and artist Carmina Escobar (co-director of the contemporary music ensemble Liminar e integrante, in partnership with Fernando Vigueras, from the experimental free improvisation project Linfa) and the experienced drummer and percussionist Milo Tamez.
Estamos Trio, in People's History, does not offer factual solutions to the migratory problem but underlines, from its place, the true fraternity among humanity to remind us that in art we are not separated by borders or flags and that we are all part of the same story.”-Sergio Piccirilli / El Intrus
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