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Father Yod and the Spirit of '76 - Contraction

"The story of Father Yod, Yahowa 13 and the Source Family could literally fill books, but rest assured, they truly were the "apex of high" in terms of psychedelic music. The basics: Father Yod was a WWII flying ace and spiritual seeker who gathered his "children" around him in early 1970s Los Angeles. Among them were some fantastic musicians and the Source Family recorded over a dozen albums of free form jams featuring Father Yod on vocals/kettle drum/gong creating a truly original sound. Contraction (1974) is arguably their best album. A slinky improvised keyboard groove gives way to a full on aural orgasm of chants, electric guitars, flutes, female vocals and some of the most truly psychedelic music of all time. Father Yod never sounded better and the band follows him almost telepathically. Extensive liner notes from the players as well. Absolutely unreal. Fully licensed reissue from Swordfish Records."

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