Favre, Pierre - Le Voyage

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Claudio Puntin: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet / Samuel Blaser: Trombone / Philipp Schaufelberger: Guitar / Beat Hofstetter: Soprano Saxophone / Sascha Armbruster: Alto Saxophone / Andrea Formenti: Tenor Saxophone / Beat Kappeler: Baritone Saxophone / Wolfgang Zwiauer: Bass Guitar / Bänz Oester: Bass / Pierre Favre: Drums, Percussion.

"Time and again, images of flowing, drifting, of moved and moving elements are created in Pierre Favre’s music. He takes us on a journey. The Ensemble becomes a collective medium of experience, an extension of playing his percussion instruments and a transformation of the improvisation into compositions of crystalline beauty. Pierre Favre, who does not belong to any school of composers and who does not feel bound to any other rules but those of his very own sensitive taste, is not afraid of letting the sounds bloom into their own pure Gestalt. And he works with powerful contrasts. His way of composing is similar to his way of playing the drums, understanding the rhythmically-related elements at the same time as melodically-related and vice versa. "
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