Floating Points - Crush CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“An intriguing and impressive new offering from Floating Points. This is less fragile than some of Sam Shepherd's more recent work and charts a further chapter in the twisting growth of his idiosyncratic musical style and sound design. His electronic compositions navigate through a myriad of textures: minimalist backdrops, emotive refrains that approach almost orchestral intensity, skittish rhythms that seem on the verge of losing control, modulating synth work that shifts between serene and piercing, ambient washes disturbed by sudden musical interjections and FX.
There is a sense of unpredictability about Shepherd's work that is incredibly fresh and gives the whole album an organic, yet at times almost stilted narrative. In effect, Crush is an expansive and envelope-pushing journey with moments of poignancy, intensity, sparseness, beauty and ugliness. It's a journey I think you should take, especially if you appreciate the direction that Electronica as a genre has been taking in recent years. Multiple listens are fully rewarded.
Make no mistake, Floating Points is up there amongst the UK's most innovative producers and Crush is a creative tour-de-force. Ignore it to your loss...”
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