French TV - 11 : Ambassadors Of Good Health and Clean Living CD

How better to celebrate over 30 years and a modest batch of great albums than by possibly releasing your best yet?

Mike Sary: bass, loops, samples
Katsumi Yoneda: guitar
Takao Kawasaki or Ryuji Yonikura: keyboards
Mark L. Perry: drums, percussion

"Basic info: The 2016 edition of French TV finds bassist/benevolent dictator Mike Sary joined by a skilled cadre of Japanese musicians: Katsumi Yoneda [who plays guitar on all tracks] & keyboardist Ryuji Yonekura [2 tracks], both from the progressive fusion band TEE. Also providing keyboards on the other 4 tunes is Takao Kawasaki, from the band Flat122, who released two amazing CD in 2005 and 2009. Joining on drums is youngster Mark L. Perry, a relative newcomer to the progressive scene. I don't like making such pronouncements, but I have to say this new CD feels like the one I've been driving towards for the last 20+ years--yes, it's that good [he said modestly]."-Mike Sary
  • LabelPretentious Dinosaur
  • UPC715875239881
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