Fuchs / Fuchs / Gulda - It’s Up To You 2 x vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Originally released in 1974. Limpe Fuchs, Paul Fuchs, Friedrich Gulda featuring Albert Mangelsdorff, Barre Phillips, Munir Bashir, Gerhard Herrmann, Leszek Zadlo, Ursula Anders.

“Free music is free. It is the opposite of traditional, conventional music bound by various rules or by any kind of metric, tonal, harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, social or other system, as well as music that is beholden, restricted, schooled or unfree. In short, it's the opposite of any music we've known before. In free music, every rule that's ever existed in unfree music is rejected. Likewise, all existing notions about how music should or should not be, what its purpose must or cannot be and so on. Free music comes from the unconscious, an original source from within the self. It is by placing trust in players and listeners that we liberate them. The individual's pride, fears, inhibitions and aggression resist this act of liberation. But if they yield to it, whether as a player or listener, they discover something shockingly new and unheard. They feel like they've suddenly been transported from their familiar, oppressive surroundings into a glorious flower meadow. What's happened? They've simply returned home, to the realm of ordinary wonder, and to their own soul. With happiness and gratitude, they rediscover how to connect with their soul to move, live and laugh. They also learn that they can communicate musically with anyone, perhaps even with any creature. It transpires the styles, traditions, conventions and languages which were developed to enable communication are actually great impediments to it. Having decided to discard them, communication immediately becomes freer. Until now, there have been very few players who comprehend free music in a profound sense and who are able to create it. But it's likely that their numbers will quickly grow, and free music will soon become widespread. There's a clear need for it.”
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