Galileo Brothers - The Dancing Lawn

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"The Galileo Brothers are a mysterious assembly which has existed for 25 years - with an anonymous group of British musicians at the core of the project. 'The Dancing Lawn' is a collective composition in 13 parts by the British core group, with the music played by other musicians they have met throughout their long careers - the list is long and planetary. All the composers and players have a rich and varied past and have rightly intensified this diversity by bringing in musicians who excel on their own local or national instruments. This is no doubt the reason why the project is so rich and coloured, yet coherent, as it takes the listener on its unique sonic journey. Under the apparent 'easy listening' hide a multitude of subtleties of composition and sound, which we discover gradually the more we listen to the album. There is a repetitive aspect to the music, and yet it is constantly changing. The sounds and the instrumental precision are deliberately close to productions by computer - thereby being both relevant to today's sounds, while at the same time giving the finger to machines! And humour is there constantly, subtly. And all this with a freshness of vision and approach, and this is their tour de force, because all too often this kind of experience can lead to a dry intellectualism. Not here - this is musicianship of the highest standard which doesn't take itself seriously - and it's contagious."

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Nice to get a chance to review this, and I liked the main comment on this page too. Other's have reviewed this, and I think they missed the point. It's expressed with the things of our world, but is as if it is not ours, but a glance at one that can endure without us. To judge it with our expectations misses the point and leads to disappointment. Instead, I find it turns all those ideas over, the 'abstract' isn't, it's the core of what's real, as are the patterns that are alike in sand, stars, seeds.. This isn't some earthly thing of easy gratification, no wonder some felt the lack of a climax, or some personally assuring message. They'd have done better to watch Doctor Who, and pick up a quick lesson in a sense of wonder from that, because listening to the Dancing Lawn, is like watching timeless forces of nature. One reviewer said there might not be enough in it to last a dozen hearings, but what has? People usually only listen more often than that if they find that what they hear affirms them, personally, else they get bored, or annoyed, usually both. The Dancing Lawn is like a moment in a landscape when things are as they are at some strange moment. We can feel awed, or pleased, or confused, but we will be drawn in, and feel better for having been there to see it, but at no time was it ever there to tell us what we wanted to hear. That makes it better than anything that does. I like it enough to be glad I can go to it any time I like, too. Crow. (Lostgallifreyan, in various places...)
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