Gasman - Hiding Place

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"Christopher Reeves AKA The Gasman has been releasing music since 2003 and this is his twelfth album to date. Although he is known more for his experimental electronic sound this album has a more classical feel to it reminiscent of people like Philip Glass and Steve Reich"

"Normally Chris Reeves...cris-crosses hyperactively between the long shadows cast by Hardcore and Aphex Twin's ADD deconstructions...For his 12th album, Reeves is operating in a very different mode: solo piano, no beats, no bass. Aphex also diverted into piano...but Hiding Place is very different. Reeves fills the soundfield to overflowing, with restless urgent arpeggios, eschewing melody for angular progressions that spiral and corkscrew, dropping down to build again before reaching their obvious tonic conclusion as if trapped in a game of snakes and ladders....Hiding Place really becomes interesting when Reeves begins to reach back to his usual references, accenting parts that have the same drive as Hardcore's gleefully simple vamps, and adding synth tones that draw the piano away from chamber composition and into the blizzards of digital texture."-The Wire
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