Glass Hammer - At The Gate CD

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“First came Dreaming City (2021), followed by Skallagrim – Into the Breach (2022). Now Glass Hammer returns to the cursed realm of Andorath with Part III of their Skallagrim trilogy, AT THE GATE. The album’s narrative concludes the sword and sorcery- inspired tale of the thief with the screaming sword, a “desperate man” who lost his lover and his memory. “At this point in the tale, our protagonist has searched a thousand years to find his lost love,” comments Glass Hammer’s Steve Babb. “The album’s lyrics and text address not only the story,” he continues, “but what the characters represent to me. At The Gate is an album about hard choices, the pursuit of lost joy, and the hope of a brighter day.”
“The trilogy’s music was always meant to have an arc,” he explains. “And while there’s an abundance of metal on this album, you’ll also hear our symphonic side reasserting itself. It’s been part of the plan all along, and I think our fans will love how we’ve wrapped up the trilogy.”
Like its predecessors, the digipack insert has the look and feel of a vintage fantasy novel, complete with excerpts from the story and illustrations.”
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