Glass, Philip - Two Pages, Contrary Motion, Music In Fifths, Music In Similar Motion

I discovered 'the minimalists' when I heard Steve Reich's "Music For Mallet Instruments, Voice and Organ" on WGTB in 1975 and thought it was the most beautiful music I had ever heard (still do, to a certain extent). As soon as I learned that there was a 'school' of this music, I bought all I could find (easier said than done in the pre-'net days - you youngsters don't know how lucky you have it now) and read Michael Nyman's book that touched on this music. Of course, I quickly read about Steve's contemporary Philip Glass, and I was lucky and found copies of the 2 sets of music that Glass had released on his own "Chatham Square" label, since no label was interested in his crazy, repetitive, loud music in the early 70's. This gives you his 2nd and final Chatham Square release (Music in 5ths/Music In Similar Motion) as well as his Shandar release "Solo Music" complete on one CD. Extremely rare on lp, this remastered CD has some great period photosgraphs and perceptive liner notes and belongs in any serious collection of 'contemporary works'. While Solo Music is relatively mellow (still a great work), the 1973 Chatham release gives you an inkling from the sonorities of the instruments of just how loud, with all those electric organs and amplified saxophones, this stuff was at the time. [Nonesuch]
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