Gran Torino - GranorinoProg CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Unexpected great, well played and full of intresting moments, this first album named grantorinoProg from 2011 of the italian band Gran Torino. Progressive/jazz fusion is what they offer, but a fine one all the way.
Formed in 2000 in Verona they manage to come with first opus only in 2011. Musicaly speaking this release is almost in places spectacular to my ears, the musicianship is excellent, they play very easy on instruments, creating some great moments here.
The opening track Sinapsi shows what potential this band has, with nice keyboards and overall atmosphere. Fox Box or Miridiani are another great pieces with a lot to offer with complex arrangements, nice breaks, tepo changes. All pieces are instrumental. So, a very solid release that goes recommended for sure, the band exploring all the prog/jazz fusion realm and the resoult is quite enjoyble. Very nice cover art that goes hand in hand with the music. 4 stars easy.”-rym
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