Guru Guru Groove Band - Birth Of Krautrock 1969

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This is Uli Trepte and Mani Neumeier, fresh from their years backing Irene Schweizer, making the transition from free jazz to free rock and finding themselves before they dropped the Groove Band part, settled on a guitarist and became Guru Guru.
This is historically fascinating, but please note it is of bootleg sound quality.

"This newly discovered gem documenting the inception of Krautrock finally sees the light of day courtesy of Guru Guru founding member of Mani Neumeier. This historically important release was recorded in a small studio in Heidelberg Germany 1969 with Neumeier and future Guru Guru member Uli Trepte as well as a host of guest musicians, taking loads of LSD, and performing a collective free style modal improvisation that would form the foundation of many Krautrock bands to come. Guru Guru were related to the free jazz music scene both through their work with Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer and through Neumeier, who had already won several jazz prizes. The band was also influenced by psychedelic rock artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Rolling Stones and early Pink Floyd."
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