Haney, David - Day For Night at Jackstraw

David Haney piano, Julian Priester trombone, Buell Neidlinger bass, Marc Smason trombone, shofar, Doug Haning contra alto clarinet, Dan Blunck tenor sax and flute, Frank Clayton bass, Juan Pablo Carletti drums.

"The CD presents two Sessions recorded 8 years apart in the same studio – Jackstraw Studios, Seattle, USA – by two quite different ensembles, both led by pianist David Haney.

The first three tracks record what was a rare chance encounter and the only meeting of the trio comprising Haney and the two great jazz veterans Julian Priester and Buell Neidlinger.

On the remaining three tracks, recorded 8 years later in 2008, Haney leads a sextet of early members of the Primitive Art Ensemble."
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