Hard Meat - The Space Between: The Recordings 1969-1970 : 3 x CD box set

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Saddled with what I think is the worst name in the world, this is a band that I used to see in the bins in the early 70s, but never heard and never wanted to hear until I was tipped off that they were actually an extremely good psychedelic / proto-progressive trio!
This includes both of their 1970 studio albums, their first single, as well as a previousy unreleased studio album! Surprisingly great (or at least surprising to me!)

“These days, “prog rock” suggests music with flagrant classical or modern-jazz influences, wildly shifting time signatures, lots of mellotron and synthesizer, and other “artsy” elements. Back in the day, though, the term was often applied to a less aggressively avant-garde variety of music, such as Jethro Tull, Traffic, Wishbone Ash, and Rare Bird. This is another example of that brand of progressive rock.
By the time Hard Meat came together in 1969, brothers Michael and Steve Dolan were already seasoned musical veterans having played in a series of Birmingham outfits including The Ebony Combo, Jimmy Powell and the Fifth Dimension, and the Cock-a-Hoops. With the addition of drummer Mick Carless the trio adopted the Hard Meat nameplate, spending several years grinding it out on the English club circuit, opening for a slew of nationally known acts including Chuck Berry, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Jethro Tull. Signing a recording deal with Chris Blackwell's Island Records and promptly debuted with a slowed-down, but equally lysergic cover of The Beatles' 'Rain'.
Dropped by Island, later in the year they reappeared on Warner Brothers
Produced by Sandy Roberson, 1969's "Hard Meat" featured all original group compositions. Musically quite varied, all seven tracks were powered by Michael's likeable voice and his surprisingly impressive lead guitar and Carless' Keith Moon -styled percussion. The album certainly wasn't the year's most original offering, bouncing around the musical spectrum including dollops of folk-rock, conventional rock, psych, and even a bit of progressive influences... The funny thing was that as good as the individual tunes were, sitting down and listening to the album as a full set the results were even better. Well worth tracking down.”-rym
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