Harrison, Gavin / Antoine Fafard - Chemical Reactions

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“The latest Prog-Fusion meets orchestral music collaboration between Antoine Fafard and Gavin Harrison, UK virtuoso musicians. Add Jerry Goodman on acoustic and electric Violin, and the orchestral assist from the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, and you are in for a ride.
Antonine Fafard, the UK based bass player is no stranger to collaborating with in a league of their own percussionists, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Terry Bozzio, to name a few. This Chemical Reactions album with Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) is another masterful collaboration.
From the first track, “Transmutation Circle”, with its rhythmic complexity, Fafard and Harrison set the overall theme and musical storyline of the album. “Proto Mundi”, the longest track on the album (10.43), is a mix of strings and syncopated rhythmic tensions expertly executed by Harrison. The collaborative trifecta track on the album is “Singular Quartz”, which is a musical colloquy between Fafard, Harrison and Jerry Goodman on violin.
“Holding Back the Clock”, highlights Fafard executing monster bass work with the backing of the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra. The title track, “Chemical Reactions”, is the final alliance between Fafard and Harrison, accompanied by the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra. Harrison in true form delivers a meticulous performance that dynamically ebbs and flows with Fafard. Overall Chemical Reactions sends the listener on a sonic journey, with Antonie Fafard and Gavin Harrison as your musical tour guides.”-Modern Drummer
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