Hauf, Boris - Next Delusion

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Boris Hauf, tenor and soprano saxophone
Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone, contrabassclarinet
Jason Stein, bass clarinet
Frank Rosaly, drums
Steven Hess, drums, electronics
Michael Hartman, drums.

"What can you expect from a Berlin-based saxophonist (tenor and soprano) who also has a parallel activity as an electronic musician? Well... the unexpected. And the surprise here is not only the instrumental configuration – three horn players, three drummers - but also the musicians associated. Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, contrabass clarinet), Jason Stein (bass clarinet) and Frank Rosaly (drums) are names you can find in several Chicago avant-jazz projects, but the other choices made by Boris Hauf, also centered in the Wind City, are a puzzling indication that this sextet is not a common Chicagoan enterprise. Michael Hartman (drums, electronics) comes from the noise/electronic ensemble TV Pow, and Steven Hess works normally in brutal metal and “near silence” electro-acoustic bands like Cleared, Haptic and Locrian, going from one extreme to the other. Before even listening to the CD you’re aware of the proposed intentions: to explore all the contradictions naturally introduced by the performers, and to keep alive the inherent musical tensions. And the truth is that “Next Delusion” boils to the point of explosion. Remarkable."

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