Henry, Pierre - Polyphonies 12 x CD box set (due to weight, for sale in the USA only)

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This box collects recordings from 1950-2016 by the master of Musique Concrete!

“This is a wonderfully produced box set of some of the most incomprehensible music ever created. That's not a criticism, it was meant to challenge our notions of the form. And in that he succeeds.
I have to say that I think you need to have listened to both 20th century "classical" music and 21st century progressive pop to really appreciate how Henry's manipulation of sound scape has become the way we now think about music. Over the 12 disks there are so many experiments with the notion of what sound can do that it is necessary to keep referring to the notes to have some explanation of just what is going on. But then again if you are going to take the journey into his liminal sonic space one disk just wouldn't suffice.
If you are into more "alternative" classic musique concrete groups like P16D4, Cranioclast, Geins't Nait, SPK, even early Einsturzende Neubauten, then this is very likely to thrill you. If you like Xenakis, electronic Cage/ Tudor, Ligeti, Oliveros, Schaeffer, Dumitrescu, the soundscapes of Scelsi, then this is a must. If you have never heard any of these, this is a must.”
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