Hino, Terumasa - Hogiuta

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If you like the electric 70s period of Miles, as well as spiritual/cosmic jazz, there's a lot of great releases from the 70s and into the 80s from the Japanese jazz scene that is well worth investigating. This is one of the really great ones from the scene.

Recorded in 3 days in May, 1976, this is by one of Japan's best-known musicians, Terumasa Hino, who is a trumpeter. This is a really solid kosmigroov release, featuring Terumasa on trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion & voice, along with Cecil McBee (acoustic bass, voice), Motohiko Hino (drums & percussion, voice) & M'tume (percussion & voice).

The album consists of 3 long tracks, one a full album side long; the voices (which are used as a texture - there isn't a lot of them and they aren't 'singing') bounce around the soundstage.

For folks who dig the cosmic period of Pharoah Sanders, this is a killer-diller.

This has been out on CD before, but it was long out of print until now and goes for serious coin! Now, it's a relative bargain, especially for a legit, Japanese issue!
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