Holdsworth, Allan / I.O.U. - Live In Japan 1984 CD + DVD

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This is the first posthumous release of Allan’s from the archive. It is completely authorized by the Holdsworth Family estate. The first thousand copies have a DVD of the concert, which will not be reprinted! So, grab one of these babies NOW if you want the DVD!

“Live In Japan 1984 is the final live set by Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U band, featuring live versions of material from his first three solo albums; I.O.U., the Grammy nominated Road Games and Metal Fatigue.“
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I was very young when Metal Fatigue was first out....stuck in a small town and one of the only people who listened to this type of music. I'd listen to this and dream of going to see the band live. Now I finally get to witness this set through the magic of DVD! You can too...for a short while. The band is in top form and the footage may not be High-def, but damn it ,where else are you going to get a high quality look at this short lived band? The CD is a great set....and I'd have been happy with just hearing this,....but I'm overjoyed to finally seen Allan and the band play some of the sounds I loved way back in those (other) dark times.
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