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Holy Modal Rounders - Indian War Whoop (remastered/digipack)

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"The Rounders first electric outing from '67, and the only one to feature their most cosmos-expanding lineup (including playwright Sam Shephard). This is the sound of speed-shooting hillbillies discovering the secrets of life in the sewers below the Peace Eye Bookstore. Loose, psych-out, folkish stumble, a perfect period piece. Peter Stampfel (electric fiddle, vocals), Steve Weber (guitar, vocals), Lee Crabtree (piano, organ), Sam Shephard (drums), Antonia, Barbara & Wendy (vocals). The year 1967 proved to be a strong point of the '60s generation culture and the ever-growing New York underground music scene with the likes of David Peel & the Lower East Side, The Velvet Underground, The Godz, The Fugs, and the Holy Modal Rounders. The music is reflective of the time, and would prove to be the setting of a musical foundation for the group."
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