Hutchings, Ashley/Albion Band - No Surrender 2 x CDs (special)

"Yes, I know giving things 5 stars is boring, and I don't do it all the time, but this album is easily worth it. You have a collection of the best tracks from something like 6 Ashley Hutchings and Albion Band CDs, with no real duds, all for an amazingly low price. If I had to criticize, well, many of the tracks are from live albums, so you get introductions (see for instance Gardener's Daughter, where the intro is embarassingly lame) and applause, which I could well do without. The only other criticism is that, after listening to this, you're liable to want to go out and buy all the underlying albums, and then you won't need it any more. If you are an Ashley Hutchings fan you've got the underlying albums already, and shouldn't be wasting your time on this review - if not, reach for your wallet, and discover what you've been missing in the English folk scene (most of it!!)."-D. Storey

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