Iconoclast - Paradise

Some say they're descendants of the late 1970's No New York semi-wave; others scratch their heads and shrug. But Julie Joslyn and Leo Ciesa merely continue to spread their impish humor and no-holds-barred musical message throughout their new CD, entitled Paradise. What I really like about Paradise is that though it's in 24 small bits, it comes off to the ear like a suite, and in repeated listenings you always go somewhere different. You might hear a whiff of Ellington jungle music here, a hint of Stravinsky there. Also there are these wonderful contrasting arrangements, like one piece with a hurdy-gurdy, kalimba and a sax melody not unlike Ravel. Elsewhere there1s a piano being played like a trap kit1s cymbals and elsewhere a violin is being played like a washboard."-Tone Clusters [Fang]
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