Iconoclasta - Concierto De Aniversario 35 Años : 2 x CDs

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Ricardo Moreno - acoustic & electric guitars
Greta Silva - bass, lead vocals
Nohemi D'Rubin - bass, vocals
Victor Baldovinos - drums & percussion
Ricardo Ortegón - electric guitar
Rosa Flora Moreno - piano, synthesizer

“Iconoclasta are a Mexican progressive band and one of the most important from that country. In the 1980s, they were the leading Mexican prog band, and though they continued throughout the 1990s, the quality dropped off. Iconoclasta blend symphonic prog, usually with similarities to the Italian 1970s bands, with some fusion and traditional Mexican music. They have mixed classical, electronic and jazz music with rock, adding traditional Mexican rhythms such as son. They founded their own record label "Discos Rosenbach" due to lack of support from commercial record companies. This allowed them to develop their creativity to the fullest and compose progressive music, without conforming to the consumerist restrictions imposed by the record industry.”

“Probably the most well-known Mexican symphonic progressive rock band of all time. This double CD documents the 35th Anniversary Reunion Concert, back December 2015. I didn’t know this concert was actually recorded and, out of the blue, I received a call from Eduardo García (of Colectivo Audiorama) telling me about this. Minutes later I got in touch with Ricardo Moreno and … Here it is! Yes! These CDs feature the original members; Ricardo Moreno, Rosa Flora Moreno, Ricardo Ortegón, Noemí De Rubín and Víctor Baldovinos; as well as current bass player, Greta Silva.”-Azafran
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