If, Bwana - Clara Nostra

"The rumbling continued. Matt slowly opened his eyes, then getting out of bed (hopefully remembering to put on some underwear) wandered into the common area of the loft. "What the !@#$%^&*() is that!" "Clara Nostra" Matt (his roommate and not his deranged alter ego/split personality) replied. "That tells me alot." "New If, Bwana disc" Matt blurts out, somewhat embarrassed by his obvious poor taste in listening habits (not to mention his rather lax attention to personal hygiene). "Well that does explain a lot," Matt says as he heads back to his room. "No wonder it doesn't go anywhere. Kind of annoying isn't it?" Matt looked at Matt just before Matt disappeared out of sight. "I like it." Al says 'If 62 minutes of 156,000 clarinets rumbling and grumbling slowly through your speakers with no destination home is for you, well you're home. On the other hand if that sounds like something to drive you up a wall, well, be seeing you.'"
  • LabelPogus
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