Incredible String Band - The Incredible String Band (remastered/digipack)

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"The Incredible String Band was founded in Edinburgh in 1965 when Clive Palmer, Robin Williamson and Mike Heron began a journey which would connect traditional folk music, ragtime and the emerging counterculture/psychedelic scene. Their recordings paved the way for what has since become known as "world music." High-profile Incredible String Band fans include Paul McCartney, Billy Connolly, Robert Plant and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Signed by Joe Boyd to the prestigious Elektra label, their early recordings are among the finest and most imaginative of the period. The Incredible String Band -- their 1966 debut LP, is a powerful mix of their many influences. Highlights include "October Song," "When The Music Starts To Play," "Empty Pocket Blues," "Smoke Shovelling Song" and the closing "Everything's Fine Right Now." For many fans, this beguiling album was the first step in a life-long fascination for all things ISB. The band quickly became favorites on John Peel's pirate radio-show "The Perfumed Garden." "Through the incense and the exotic blend of instruments and influences came an original and memorable combination of shining talents destined to outlast their era." Carefully re-mastered by original producer Joe Boyd and engineer John Wood. Housed in a stunning digipack with all elements of the original artwork. New sleevenotes from Clive Palmer and Robyn Hitchcock. Mike Heron (lead vocal), Clive Palmer (vocal, guitar, kazoo and banjo), Robin Williamson (lead vocal, violin, guitar, mandolin and whistle)."
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