Interkosmos - Hypnotizer

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"Sprawling space sounds tell stories of far galaxies - the music fuses single instruments into each other and the sound gets a swirly acid madness... This is psychedelic music without being bound to certain stylistic directions: What matters is the flow. A wonderful soundtrack for a journey to the far out vastnesses of the inner cosmos. Interkosmos were founded in 2008 by Sula Bassana (Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone) on bass, Pablo Carneval (formerly Electric Moon, The Blowing Lewinsky) on drums und Sergio Ceballos (RIP KC) on guitar. They recorded the complete album ‚ÄěHypnotizer" incessantly. After a tour through Spain and several gigs in Austria, Sergio went back to his home in Spain, so the line-up of Interkosmos got changed. Now, after 8 years, it is certain: there must be a proper release of this stuff!"
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