Irniger, Christoph - Octopus

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Christoph Irniger: Tenor Saxophone
Raffaele Bossard: Bass
Ziv Ravitz: Drums

After the acclaimed album ‘Gowanus Canal’ in 2012, ‘Octopus’ is Christoph Irniger’s second release with his trio of Raffaele Bossard (double bass) and Ziv Ravitz (drums). The album is a studio recording from last autumn and shows the ensemble in fantastic shape.

Irniger is a master of orchestration and rejects the hierarchy of soloist-plus-rhythm. Instead of using the compositions as springboards for solos, he finds interesting ways for the improvisations to underline the compositional characteristics.

‘Melody, arrangement, improvisation: the trio fuse them all into one tightly integrated and alluring package,’ writes American jazz critic Kevin Whitehead, and emphasizing the strength of Irninger’s melodies he asks: ‘Why should pop bands (and their listeners) have all the fun?’"
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