Isotope 217 - Who Stole the I Walkman

"Chicago's Isotope 217 sounds like a designation on the periodic table of the elements, but it's actually an art-groove collective that features members of Tortoise, Chicago Underground Trio (and the similarly named Chicago Underground Duo), and others. Guitarist Jeff Parker and cornetist Rob Mazurek provide melodic through lines to the material, giving the listener a foothold. When drummers Dan Bitney and John Herndon take the lead, the music becomes a spare, dubby dance workout. When all five get on the same page, however, letting Matthew Lux build a groove, the band really takes it up a notch. The music gains a purpose and the energy goes through the roof. The best example here is "Moog Ang," where the group simultaneously builds outward, free-jazz explorations piling atop a slow melodic line. Less groove-oriented than the group's other two albums (The Unstable Molecule and Utonian Automatic), Who Stole the I Walkman? still makes for interesting listening--it's just that the band has changed into something more experimental and cerebral."-Tad Hendrickson
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