Ito, Teiji - Watermill

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"The fifth CD in Tzadik’s initiative to make available the music of Teiji Ito presents his undisputed masterpiece Watermill. Created in 1971 for the controversial ballet by Jerome Robbins and named for the town on Long Island where Robbins had a peaceful country home, Teiji draws upon Chinese, Tibetan, African, Native American and Japanese ceremonies in creating what many consider his most profound compositional achievement. Based on the ideas of cycles—years, moons, ages and seasons, Watermill is brilliantly brought to life by Teiji colleague Steve Gorn and a brilliant ensemble that includes Teiji’s daughter Tavia Ito. This is music of deep spirituality composed by a pioneer of the New York Underground who is finally getting the recognition he has long deserved."

Steve Gorn: Musical Director, Bansuri Flutes, Hichiriki, Ocarina, Claves
Tavia Ito: Bugaku Drum, Puili (hawaiian Bamboo Shakers), Javeneses Gongs, Mushi Chachiki (small Japanese Gong), Shakuhachi, Maraca
Mara Purl: Koto, Mushi, Voice, Indian Cymbals
Ralph Samuelson: Shakuhachi, Ryuteki
Yukio Tsuji: Gong, Voice, Zither, Taiko Drum, Kalimba, Steel Drum, Ratchet, Shakuhachi
Zishan Ugurlu: Sho, Mushi, Cymbal
  • LabelTzadik
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