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Jaivas, Los - Alturas de Macchu Picchu DVD

Los Jaivas are a Chilean musical phenomenon. Founded in 1963, they are best known for their album Alturas De Macchu Picchu, from 1981 which fuses Chilean folkmusic with progressive rock. I saw them in September, 2005 at a huge outdoor place, and they were actually introduced as "progressive rock legends" in Spanish and English, so no one can accuse them of trying to distance themselves from their proggy past! It was amazing to be surrounded by 90% Chileans, all of whom seemed like they were going to explode with pride and happiness at seeing their 'homies', and watching everyone sing along with all these progressive rock-type tunes and they did the entire album quite well, even 25 years later! This professionally recorded DVD has the band performing the entire album in Peru in 1981 - the same year that the album was released, so the band is the same lineup as on their best known work. In addition to the entire album presented live (almost 50'), there's over 2 hours of various extras and while the presentation is in Spanish, there are English subtitles.
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Los Jaivas "Alturas del Macchu Picchu" is pretty deceiving. The guys are acting in Macchu Picchu but the tracks you hear from the DVD are the originals from the studio recording in Germany and mainly France, in other words they are lip-synching, so this is not a live performance. Each track on the DVD explains they are from the studios, but in Spanish, besides you can easily see that there's no electric/electronic equipment, no wires, no mic's, etc. So, you are warned.
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