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Jarrett, Keith/Charlie Haden - Jasmine

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While he has some wonderful discs, I can't say I'm the biggest Keith Jarrett fan in the world, but Haden is a earthy, direct player and he pulls Keith away from the florishes he reels off too easily and grounds him. One of the most enjoyable Jarrett releases in many years for me!

"Jarrett and Haden back together again! Thirty three years after the break-up of Keith Jarrett’s great ‘American quartet’ , the pianist and bassist Charlie Haden reunited for an album of standards, played with deep feeling. The programme on “Jasmine” includes such classic songs as “Body and Soul”, “For All We Know” , “Where Can I Go Without You”, “Don’t Ever Leave Me” and more. Intimate, spontaneous and warm, the album, recorded at Jarrett’s home, has affinities, in its unaffected directness, with Keith’s “The Melody At Night With You”. Jarrett and Haden play the music and nothing but the music – as only they can. As Keith Jarrett says in his liner notes: “This is spontaneous music made on the spot without any preparation save our dedication throughout our lives that we won’t accept a substitute... These are great love songs played by players who are trying, mostly, to keep the message intact.”

Keith Jarrett piano
Charlie Haden double-bass
  • LabelECM
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